• Avalon Full Flavor
  • Avalon Full Flavor
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $14.29
    • $17.86

Avalon cigarettes

Avalon cigarettes were introduced on the tobacco market in 1933 by Brown & Williamson Tobacco as a ten cent economy for smoking. By 1939 Avalon cigarettes were sold in a great amount and were representing one of the industry leaders at that time.

A part of Avalon cigarettes was a small quantity of Latakia, which represents a Turkish tobacco that grows in Syria. This interesting Turkish tobacco named Latakia gains its unique aroma and flavor when the tobacco leaves are cured in the smoke from fire produced from camel dung.

Smoking Avalon cigarettes

Avalon cigarette brand is very well known for its reasonable price and great tobacco used in their manufacturing. Avalon sales are growing more and more year by year and the commercials for them are very interesting.

Avalon Time represents a radio program on NBC which was released during the 1930’s and was sponsored by Avalon cigarettes. In that show starred Red Skelton, a famous comedian and each episode was ending with a cute, interesting commercial.

Avalon Cigarette Brand – And Don’t Forget Your Change

One of the best commercials for Avalon cigarettes was focused on the fact that Avalon brand is cheaper with few cents in comparison with other cigarette brands and was ended with a cashier saying to the Avalon smoker not to forget their change plus as a sound of a ringing cash register.

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