Capital cigarettes

Capital cigarettes are well known in many countries in the world. There are smokers who prefer smoking this brand and not changing it for anything else. They provide a strong feeling of power when smoking and have a specific taste. The Capital cigarettes have a smooth flat burn and in the same they last very long.

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The rich and full taste with gentle aroma satisfies all you needs of smoking. They can be found long having 100 mm or being king size 85 mm. This cigarette brand is the most recent smoking products to be found at our tobacco shop and in general on the international cigarette markets.

TUTUN-CTC is the famous tobacco company which makes this interesting brand. It is also the manufacturer of Cosmos cigarettes, Doina cigarettes, Astra cigarettes. This cigarette company produces its cigarettes with the help of the best technologies and using the highest quality blend of tobacco.

TUTUN-CTC is a cigarette company from Republic of Moldova and offers to its customers only superior quality cigarettes. It is the leader among many tobacco producers in Europe. For last decades it showed how important is to create perfect smoking products. Capital smoking brand is for middle class smoker who prefer smoking qualitative cigarettes yet cheap.

While smoking this unique discount cigarette brand you will feel the extraordinary mixture of premium tobaccos, selected superiority, selected superiority, gallant essence and burly experience. This brand is a discount product and you find it a reduced price at our cigarette store. You will receive a high quality product for a small price.

We offer small prices for high quality Capital cigarettes. Buy cigarettes from discount cigarette shop and get the pleasure you deserve.

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