Less Smoking Scenes in Movies In China

May 28th, 2014 00:00

There are 300 million smokers who live in China. Chinese Association on Tobacco Control says that these people love so much to smoke that is very difficult to convince them to give up this habit.

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Xu Guihua represents the deputy director of the association and he told to China Daily newspaper that there have been seen some improvements in 2013, but they represent a far cry from tobacco-free monitors. In China more and more teenagers and women start smoking cigarettes.

A review of 60 remarkable works demonstrated less smoking views in comparison with previous years – 63 percent of films included smoking sights, down 23.4 percentage points compared to 2007, she said.

China brought up many efforts to ban smoking in the last few years, as well as banning tobacco publicity and sponsorships of major generous proceedings, even though restaurants and bars restaurants are regularly covered in smoke as many persons ignore the rules.

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