New Restricted Version of Camel Packs

May 19th, 2014 00:00

JTI is introducing three restricted edition set drawings for its Premium brand, Camel – accessible all through June and July on the King Size 20s packages only.

The restricted publication set distribute a fresh look, with three new art-inspired designs – Arches, Steps and Boardwalk – on the Camel logo and as well on the rounded ends of the packs.

Camel cigarettes design

Jeremy Blackburn, JTI leader of communications, affirmed that Camel proposes dealers the chance to create charitable profit limits and with the best section accounting for approximately 19.9% of the RMC cigarette market.

These three restricted version Camel packs represent a must-stock for tobacco seller.

With more than 100 years of legacy, Camel represents one of JTI’s most imaginative cigarette brands and has stimulated improvements all through its past, most newly with the world’s primary and single curve pack in 2012.

Camel represents a worldwide Premium American combined cigarette which was launched in 1913. This tobacco brand is being sold in more than 110 countries and is very appreciated by most of the smokers who prefer this type of cigarette.

Mostly admired within most important cities crossways the UK, Camel at present puts up for sale approximately 6 million packages every year.

The cigarette brand produced £39.1 million in trade sales value last year and carries on to develop its distribution in the Premium cigarette separation.

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