Dunhill cigarettes

Dunhill cigarettes represent one of the most luxurious cigarette brands made by British American Tobacco Company. BAT is also the second leading company in the cigarette business. The price of these cigarettes is usually bigger than on other tobacco brands. Dunhill brand is competing with Marlboro cigarettes and Red&White cigarettes.

Dunhill cigarettes

The package of Dunhill is white with an oblique-angled square of red right in the center. Dunhill cigarettes are one of the most expensive cigarette products from BAT. They are available in many countries on the entire globe like European (including Russian), Canadian and Asian-Pacific cigarette markets.

Most of Dunhill cigarette brand are distributed to smokers who really want to explore a new world.

Many smokers appreciate their high quality and amazing taste that lasts for a long time. Hunter S. Thompson - a famous journalist, English rock musician John Lennon and artist Robbie D favored Dunhill cigarettes. The American distribution of Dunhill International cigarettes is operated and owned by the R.J. Reynolds, the maker of Camel cigarettes.

Dunhill Cigarettes - Best British Cigarettes

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