Eva cigarettes


The high quality Eva cigarettes is recognized by many female smokers as being fresh and unique. In the production of these cigarettes there were used only modern technologies and best quality tobacco. That is why Eva cigarettes have the latest stylish characteristics and every smoker wants to try them.

Bulgartabac Holding Group is the manufacturer of Eva brand. This tobacco company is well known in the cigarette business as a high quality cigarette producer. Eva cigarettes contain a modern, great filter and a special taste. For those smokers who prefer low nicotine rate and low tar slim cigarettes, Eva cigarettes represent the best choice they can make.

Bulgartabac Holding Group is one of the newest leading cigarette companies.

Experienced smokers and beginner have decided that smoking Eva cigarettes is the best choice they can make.

Eva Cigarettes- The Delight of Special Taste

There are more types of Eva cigarettes and each of them has a specific taste and aroma. You just need to choose the one which represents you and your personal lifestyle. Our cigarette store online offers you a variety of Eva brand: Eva Super Slims Rose , Eva Super Slims Purple brand and Eva Super Slims Menthol cigarettes.

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