Dear customers we are giving you the opportunity to buy Premium Cigarettes Online for the cheapest prices. You can order your favorite cigarette brand at the lowest prices. Here are the most Frequent Asked Questions regarding placing an order on our cigarette shop online.

How to order tobacco products online?

How to make an order?
It is very easy to order cigarettes at . You can see details of our cigarette brands by clicking on the brand name. When you have made your selection simply add item(s) you have chosen by clicking “Add to cart”. After placing the cigarette order you will be notified by e-mail when your order was approved and when we will ship it.
What is the legal age to order tobacco products?
You must be at least 21 years or older to order tobacco products. We do not sell cigarettes to minors.
How is my personal information protected?
We have the highest level of confidentiality. We never reveal our clients personal data.
How can I pay?
All the cigarette prices in our web tobacco shop are presented in US dollars. We accept the payment via Bitcoins or money transfers.
Shipping charges?
Our shipping charge is flat and fixed $14.88 per carton.It doesn’t depend on the number of cartons ordered, as we send by 1-2 cartons per package.
How long does it take for me to get my order?
Your order should arrive within 14-25 days since the shipping date.The term 10-31 days is provided to include possible delays, caused by national holidays, bad weather conditions, etc. In case that your order hasn’t arrived by the end of this period we kindly ask you to send your query to the Customer Service Department, providing the number of the order in question.
If my order hasn’t arrived in the right terms, what should I do?
Please let us know if your order or part of your order has arrived or for any other reasons it didn’t, so we could either reship the missing cartons free of charge or issue a refund for them.
About refund time?
In case of non receiving your order in full or a part of it our Company can issue a refund. Please note that the refund is issued within 3 days and posted into your account within 4-14 days.
How can I get a discount at
Place 3 orders on our site and buy not less than 12 cartons overall and you will receive a VIP 5% discount. For more info about VIP option please visit our VIP Programme.
I have not received a part of the order, what is wrong? (For example if you have ordered 6 cartons but received only 3)
Large orders, containing more than 3 cartons are usually shipped in separate packages. Unfortunately, we can’t pack such orders in 1 package, as otherwise they would be returned by the customs. However, sometimes the packages are delayed during transit, and arrive within several days between each other.

For any other questions please feel free to contact our great Support Center .

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