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Fluieraş cigarettes

Fluieras cigarettes

Best types of tobacco were brought together to create a special cigarette brand, Fluieras cigarettes. If are looking for a special smoking brand than you have found the right place where to buy Fluieras cigarettes. They have a perfect savor and bring a real smoking pleasure to every smoker.

The cigarette brand’s name Fluieras means in translation from Romanian a flue, it is a musical instrument. The taste and smell of this brand is mysterious and very pleasant. Tutun CTC is the manufacturer of this smoking brand. It is also the winner of many international and national contests. The main characteristics of Fluieras cigarettes are joy and satisfaction.

The laboratory from the Minnesota University has demonstrated that Tutun CTC is manufacturing cigarettes with the lowest level of nitrozoamine. The newest technology used by TUTUN CTC helps in production of 4000-5000 cigarettes in only one minute. This tobacco company is one of the biggest in the Eastern Europe.

Fluieras Cigarettes – Smoking Comes In a Dancing Manner

Fluieras brand are filtered cigarettes and their package color is red. This smoking brand is used more by adults. They love their natural taste and high quality.

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