• Focus Red
  • Focus Red
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $13.31
    • $16.64

Focus cigarettes

Focus cigarette brand

Focus cigarette brand is produced by TUTUN CTC, a well known cigarette manufacturer from Eastern Europe. Focus cigarettes become step by step a very famous brand in Moldova and are a new cigarette brand on the tobacco markets. The cigarettes are appreciated by male and female smokers.

The company which is producing this brand TUTUN CTC is manufacturing the product with the help of the best technologies and great traditions and is also known for brands like Nistru cigarettes and Doina cigarettes.

The Focus brand was accepted on the national and international tobacco markets because of their good quality and cheap prices.

The cigarettes are produced especially for middle class smokers because of their low cost. Many consumers prefer this brand because they are traditional and have a pleasant aroma.

Focus Cigarettes - Don’t Be Afraid To Try Something New

The production of TUTUN CTC is considered of high quality as they respect the hygienic standard check like nicotine, tar and others. They also respect the neutrality in the test implementation and independence from production.

We offer small prices for high quality cigarettes. Buy Focus cigarettes and get the pleasure you deserve. Save money and time buying cigarettes from cigarette store online.

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