Gauloises cigarettes

Gauloises cigarettes

Gauloises cigarettes created admiration from smokers first when appeared in 1910. But only in 1950 the version of filtered Gauloises brand was introduced. The name of these cigarettes has changed to Gauloises Blondes due to rebranding in 1984. Gauloise is considered to be an icon by millions of smokers no matter of its historical period.

Smokers worldwide prefer smoking the special tobacco brand, because of its fresh aroma, taste and superb quality. Gauloises cigarettes represent the history of France. They are the symbol of freedom for an important number of smokers. French people respect smokers who like Gauloises cigarettes.

In the present these cigarettes are produced in more countries, but it will always be considered to have its origins in France. Gauloises smoking brand is a French icon for ever. Best taste, high quality and nice design of the package make you feel special and strong. These are the characteristics which make this cigarette brand so popular on the globe.

Gauloises Cigarettes- Always A Legend and Frech Icon Forever

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