Czech Republic Confronting With the Smoking Problem

June 11th, 2014 00:00

Over 2 million citizens use cigarettes in the Czech Republic, which has 10.5 million residents of, and 250,000 of them are juvenile, that is fewer than 18 years old, anti-smoking specialist Jarmila Greplová said to the Czech News Agency in advance of World No Tobacco Day.

Cigarette smoke holds additional than 4,000 chemical substances, 60 of which lead to cancer, Greplová advised, adding up that smoking habit has a lot of other side effects.

Smoking cigarettes

It as well harms cellular procedures, and chemical substances included in cigarettes deteriorate insulin assimilation. This is why persons who smoke face a two times superior danger of diabetes compared to non-smokers, she also affirmed.

Smoking cigarettes and other tobacco products too has an effect on the gastrointestinal tract and may direct to gastric ulcers, Greplová said.

The people who smoke cigarettes do not have time to eat throughout the day that are continually under force and make an effort to prevent hunger and stress with the help of a cigarette are the most in danger.

In totaling, smoking may lead to a hormonal disparity and sexual dysfunctions, women may experience from terminated menstruation as their estrogen hormone intensity is reducing, while men are exposed to the risk of having erectile dysfunction and even impotence because smoking worsens the testosterone height. Furthermore, it has an unhelpful crash on utility.

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