Japan Tobacco International is Releasing a Completely New Cigarette Brand

February 3rd, 2016 00:00

Japan Tobacco International has announced that it will release in middle December a cigarette that will offer the ‘ultimate smoking experience’.
In a notice published on its official website, the company reported that ‘meticulous attention’ had been paid to each and every detail of Mevius Prestige, which would be sold specifically at the duty-free stores of five main airports: Narita, Haneda, Chubu, Kansai, and Fukuoka.

Mevius cigarettes

Mevius Prestige, which utilizes over 100 sorts of tobacco, is explained to combine a ‘rich, new flavor with a gentle, smooth feel on the throat’. It is a super-king-sized filter product that offers 10 mg of tar and 1.0 mg of nicotine. The product’s AFT (Advanced Filter Technology) filter is stated to include microscopic longitudinal holes, making it likely to take pleasure in ‘a deep smoking experience’. ‘Furthermore, the perfect hardness of the filter and the sophisticated embossment of its tip provide a pleasant feel in the mouth,’ the note explained. ‘On top of that, the cigarette paper has a grid-like style that gives a perception of luxury, so that it can also be appreciated visually.’

The brand-new product is offered in 20-piece metallic cases with seals ‘so the Mevius flavor and scent can be appreciated from the moment it is opened’. Numerous layers of a wood-grain design and a carbon-like design are mixed on the package so as to offer it a high-quality structure and a fashionable look.

Mevius is available in a special gift box including 10 provides, for which the retail price is set at  ¥ 12,800 ($106).

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