Philip Morris USA’s Cigarette Shipments Boosted in the 3Q

November 4th, 2015 00:00
Philip Morris USA

USA’s local cigarette shipment volume in the course of the 3Q to the end of September, at 33.182 billion, constituted 0.1 % larger than it was throughout the same period of 2014, 33.165 billion.

Marlboro volume dropped by 0.7 % to 28.392 billion; whilst the volume of the company’s other high quality brands declined by 4.3 % to 1.769 billion however its low cost brand volume amplified by 10.4 % to 3,021 billion. In displaying its 3Q and nine-month figures, Altria stated that PM USA’s revealed local cigarettes shipment volume had benefited in the 3Q from industry volume improvement and retail share profits. ‘During the first nine months of 2015, PM USA’s revealed local cigarettes shipment volume higher 1.5 % also as a consequence of these aspects and trade inventory movements,’ it claimed. ‘When adjusted for trade inventory movements and other issues, PM USA reports that it’s local cigarettes shipment volume remained the same in the 3Q and boosted about 0.5 % for the first nine months. ‘PM USA reports that entire industry cigarette volumes decreased by 1 % in the 3Q and around 0.5 % for the first nine months.’

Marlboro’s market share has raised by 43.9 %, whereas the share of the company’s other premium brands declined by 2.8 %, and the share of its low cost brands dropped by 4.6 %.

Altria’s 2015 third-quarter documented diluted earnings per share (EPS) boosted by 9.9 % on those of the 3Q of 2014, while it’s adjusted diluted EPS, which excludes the effect of exclusive items, raised by 8.7 % to $0.75. “Altria proceed to supply outstanding efficiency in the 3Q and for the first nine months,” explained Marty Barrington, Altria’s chairman, CEO and president. “Once again, our businesses toughened their market leadership, with robust income development and sound retail share profits by the famous Marlboro and Copenhagen brands. “We consider our year-to-date adjusted EPS increase of 11.5 % places us effectively to offer on our full-year strategies.

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