Police Arrested Teenagers For Marijuana Possession

April 23rd, 2014 00:00

Thursday afternoon a police officer on bicycle tour of duty in North Charleston observed two persons smoking what looked like pot while staying in a car outside a residence construction.

teen possessing marijuana According to law enforcement the officer, he came near the automobile on Patriot Blvd and sensed a strong odor of cannabis.  The executive had the suspects get out of the automobile and arrested them.

Authorities found a handgun with the serial number destroyed and two containers of marijuana.There were not found any brand of cigarettes or other tobacco products.

Lewis Hairston who 18-year-old was put under arrest for just possessing marijuana, illegal carrying of a gun and having a handgun with a wiped out serial number.  Thanielle Edward who is 21-year-old was put under arrest for having marijuana.

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