Smokers Who Don't Recognize They Are Smokers

February 18th, 2014 00:00

Many smokers use cigarettes but every day but don’t consider themselves as being smokers. This means that that person belongs to a category named “non-identifying smokers”. Many people don’t like to be called smokers because they don’t consider them like that. This phenomenon has social and individual results. Most of the people love smoking Marlboro Gold cigarettes or Winston cigarettes.

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Wael K Al-Delaimy is a well known professor from UC San Diego’s department of family and preventive medicine. For many persons the smoking behavior has big risks for their health.

It is a great risk for smoker who smoke cigarettes day by day and are also exposed to tobacco smoke. Many of those persons who don’t recognize they are smokers don’t any plant to give up smoking in the nearest future or don’t look for any assistance.

Approximately 22 percent of these smoking persons used tobacco on every day. 

Al-Delaimy and his colleagues have made an analysis about persons who smoked more than 100 cigarettes during a lifetime, or who affirmed that they smoked at least some days. In all those case the asked respondents affirmed that they don’t consider themselves as smokers.

The non-identifying smokers are most of the time students from colleges and who believe that they can quit cigarettes anytime.

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