Lucky Strike

Lucky Strike cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes

The first time Lucky Strike was introduced was in 1871 in Richmond, Virginia representing a smoking mixture. Only in 1916 Lucky strike were introduced like a finished cigarette. Their first dark green cigarette package was transmitting the next message that Lucky Strike cigarettes represent fine tobacco.

Later in 1942 the color of the package was transformed from green to white and its interesting logo was designed by Raymond Loewy. Raymond Loewy is a very well known designer in the whole world for his amazing ideas.

BAT is the tobacco company which is producing Lucky Strike cigarettes and Dunhill cigarettes. Anyone who smokes these cigarettes can feel rich and lucky as they are considered to bring luck. Lucky Strike brand was the sponsor of The Jack Benny Show, a comedy program.

Lucky Strike Cigarettes-Stay Lucky While Smoking Cigarettes

Lucky Strike cigarettes are made of toasted tobacco that is why they are so simple and perfect. There was a period when a rumor was spread about Lucky Strike brand, as they have added marijuana in for American soldiers while the World War Two.

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