• Orbita
  • Orbita
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $11.42
    • $14.27

Orbita cigarettes

Orbita Cigarettes are produced by Tutun-CTC; this tobacco company is very popular for its production like Nistru, Leana cigarettes and Doina cigarettes. This brand has such name because it represents something mysterious and unknown with its unique taste and flavor.

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Orbita brand is one of well know brands in the entire world produced by Moldavian tobacconist, being a recognized product especially in Eastern Europe.

Orbita cigarettes fill you with confidence and independence from the first inhalation of majestic tobacco. These brands make you more perfect and fill you with good emotions and with hopes to a better life.

These cigarettes have an interesting and at the same time simple design, blue-white package and with a planet in the middle of it. This brand is new on tobacco market but well known on the national and international one. These great cigarettes are highly qualitative and tasty. If you’ll try Orbita cigarettes you’d like to smoke them always because you’ll have no limits.

In tobacco blend, gathered from Italy, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey, is added porous tobacco for to reduce quantities of chemicals and for to intensify tobacco taste.

These cigarettes have an efficient filter technology that also influences the tobacco taste making it smoother beside the high level of tar and nicotine. As you have never been in space these cigarettes will let you feel like in space, this brand will constitute a new starting way in your life.

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