Red & White

  • Red & White Fine
  • Red & White Fine
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
    • listed price per carton
    • $20.19
    • $25.24

Red & White cigarettes

Red & White Cigarettes

Red & White cigarettes are being sold in many tobacco shops all over the world. The producer of Red & White brand is the Phillip Morris Cigarette Company. The company is also the maker of Marlboro cigarettes, Virginia cigarettes, L&M cigarettes and Chesterfield cigarettes.

The name of Red & White brand came from the two colors of its pack. The colors make it very easy to recognize the brand when trying to buy it. The new smoking product is already known in United States and on European tobacco markets. Cigarettes brands like these are invented for special smokers, who like to try the taste of an adventure. It brings a real combination of new sensations and amazing feelings.

Red & White makes you feel the pleasure of smoking from the first inhalation. They become well known in many countries, even though they have appeared recently. The Red & White cigarettes are competitive with Premium Cigarettes as they have great price and are made out of the best tobacco.

Due to Phillip Morris Cigarette Company reputation and creation of famous cigarette brands there is no question about the quality of Red & White cigarettes.

Red & White Cigarettes -Apogee of a Famous Cigarette Brand Style

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