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Richmond cigarettes

Richmond cigarettes

Richmond cigarettes have been introduced in UK tobacco markets in 1999. Richmond cigarettes are very valuable cigarette brands and many people appreciate their high quality and freshness. A great competition for Richmond cigarettes represents Sovereign cigarette brand or Park Road cigarettes.

An important characteristic for Richmond cigarettes is the bright blue colored package. Their general appearance is very attractive and interesting. In 2008 there was released a limited edition of Richmond cigarette packs with the name of -Chill Edition-.

Richmond cigarettes have a very good position on the tobacco market. It is the second most demanded smoking products after Lambert & Butler.

Imperial Tobacco is the one who manufactured the Richmond brand in 1968. They were king size cigarettes with filter. For Richmond brand there was used Strickman Filter because it was a special filter which helped reduce the risk of diseases from smoking. Imperial Tobacco has used this filter only for these cigarettes.

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