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  • Saint George
    • 1 carton; 10 packs; 200 cigarettes
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    • $11.95
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Saint George cigarettes

Saint George cigarettes

Saint George cigarettes are famous in many European and Asian countries. The Saint George brand is made the Gallaher LTD tobacco company. Even if this brand is new on the tobacco market it has gained popularity because of its superb fine quality and relaxing taste. The price for this brand is affordable for most of the smokers.

The name of Saint George cigarettes comes from a roman soldier who was considered a saint because of his noble soul and acts. Many times Saint George is painted on icons on a horse, killing a dragon with the sword from his hand. The most important reason why these cigarettes have the same name is because almost every person from UK knows about the worship of St. George.

Before using a certain type of tobacco the company which produces these cigarettes is careful about the atmosphere and circumstances where has grown the tobacco. Gallaher Cigarette Company is always trying to make each brand more interesting and unique.

Saint George Cigarettes - Following the Traditions

In the center of the packs of these cigarettes there is illustrated the image of St. George. When smoking this brand you feel the pleasure and relaxation from the first relaxation.

We offer the best price for Saint George cigarettes, cigarettes which make you feel glorious and strong.

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