Sobranie cigarettes

Sobranie cigarettes are manufactured by Gallaher Group tobacco company, one of the best cigarette makers in Europe. This cigarette producer is famous for its qualitative brands like Sovereign cigarettes and Glamour cigarettes. It is well known in countries like Ukraine and Russia and has a leading position on the international tobacco markets.

Sobranie cigarettes

The name for this amazing cigarette brand was given before the October Revolution. Sobranie cigarette brand is produced mostly for female smokers as it has a pleasant taste and perfect aroma, special design and great characteristics.

There are more types of Sobranie cigarettes which differ in design only but have the same high quality. Many ladies around the world prefer smoking Sobranie brand as they make them feel powerful and feminine in the same time.

Sobranie Cigarettes - Real Smoking Freedom

If you are looking for a real taste of Sobranie cigarette brand you should try them with no hesitation.

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