Virginia cigarettes

Virginia cigarettes

Philip Morris has introduced Virginia cigarettes in America in 1968. They are one of the most demanded female cigarettes in the cigarettes business. Virginia cigarettes are known for because they are slimmer and longer in comparison with other cigarettes. A few decades ago the women needed a man to be happy and they did not have the same rights like they did. They could not go to places which where destined only to men. Virginia cigarettes were created especially for independent women, who choose to smoke a cigarette to relax and be appreciated.

The Virginia Slims are very pretty and have a royal taste when smoking them. An entire generation has risen with the Virginia slogan -You’ve come a long way, baby- and they always remember how they felt when hearing that slogan. Later the slogan of these cigarettes was changed into – Find Your Voice-.

Virginia Slims brand is made for young women who are focused on career and professional achievements. They have a different length than other brands to offer a beautiful elegance when smoking. Philip Morris manufactured this brand to show women how much freedom they can have or how powerful they can be. Philip Morris Tobacco Company is also the producer of Chesterfield cigarettes and Marlboro cigarettes. So there is no doubt about the high quality of the Virginia brand.

Virginia Slims Cigarettes- Feel Your Power And Freedom

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